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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Applebees New Menu, probably should have stuck with the old one.

Where do I begin? Applebees has recently launched a new dining menu, boasting a fresh start. Over 80% of the menu has been either Improved or brand new to the restaurant; it's such a fresh start for them, they are also changing their slogan to "see you tomorrow." So my fiancé and I decided to give it a shot, big mistake. The service as we arrived was very friendly and prompt, we were seated immediately and served drinks. As we looked through the menu, there were many good looking new items on there. On this visit, we chose to skip apps and head straight to the entrees, I ordered the Shrimp & Parmesan Sirloin with mashed potatoes and sided with vegetables. My fiancé got the Fajita chicken wraps with French fries. They both looked so appetizing on the menu, but it ended up being one huge let down after another. The wait for our food was short, but I actually wish they would have taken a little more time on it. When our food first arrived, it looked good enough for a restaurant of this caliber (it is applebees after all), but upon further inspection, we were shocked at the utter lack of tender loving care our dishes had received. As I cut into my steak, I discovered that it had been over cooked; I ordered it mid-well, it came out well done. But that wasn't all, I had also discovered a massive pool of grease under neath the steak, so much so that it was seeping into the potatoes and veggies. Gross. And, trust me, I wish it stopped there. They must have spent so much money putting salt and pepper on all the dining tables, that they forgot to stock some in the kitchen. There was no seasoning, none at all, on my steak, potatoes, and even the veggies. Everything was bland. The shrimp was the only thing on my plate with any taste what so ever (and with all the grease, I wondered if I should even eat it). The vegetables that were present were some of the most boring vegetables one could put on a plate all by themselves, and yet there they were, Broccoli, carrots, and squash (again, no seasoning or anything to compliment them, just there and warm). As for the potatoes, they were the best ingredient on my plate, but there was no care, no seasoning, nothing special, just potatoes. Had I known that was acceptable in some places for a chef, I would have become one long ago. I can heat things up and put them on a plate, I choose to eat out for something different than that, something at least a little special, there was none of that to be found here, just bland, greasy, tasteless food. And I haven't even started on her dish yet.
The wraps were done in a uniform manor like you would find at a marsh deli. The “Mexi-Ranch Dipping Sauce” was bland and tasteless, the wraps have inside them chicken and lettuce, LOTS of lettuce, and to make matters worse, soggy lettuce. So much so that it drowned out everything else in the wrap. And the melted cheese was just atrocious, like something you would find on a taco bell one dollar menu, except I like taco bells better. She could only eat half of one wrap before feeling ill, so she turned to the fries. The chef must have done the fries last and suddenly found the salt because the fries were simply marinated in it. They weren't French fries as much as salt sticks. It was disgusting. Between the grease on my plate and the salt on her fries, there slogan was crumbling. “See you tomorrow...” yea, if I don't suffer a stroke or cardiac arrest first. There wasn't a single thing on either plate that I could recommend to anyone. It might have been okay if it had a McDonald's price tag with it, but no, you'll pay more for this food than you will at even some higher class restaurants. My advice, avoid applebees altogether. If you find yourself in the mall, go to Fridays or Johnny Rockets. You'll be much happier. I will not be seen in this restaurant unless they get serious about the food they serve. The only saving grace of this place is the service. Awesome job guys. The service was warm, and friendly, and I never felt neglected, if only the food measured up.

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